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Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is one of the leading suppliers of fish oils in the world. This research-driven company uses sustainable and non-GMO fish oils. The company claims to provide superior Omega-3s to consumers. Nordic Naturals’ products come in a wide variety of flavors. Their product line also includes a variety of delivery forms.

Nordic Naturals is a research-driven company

Nordic Naturals’ products use the finest raw materials available, sourced from clean, sustainable waters. The fish used are naturally low in toxins and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Nordic Naturals uses three species of fish for its products: sardines, anchovies, and Arctic Cod (Skrei), which are all high in omega-3 fatty acids. The fish are caught responsibly and are sourced only from sustainable fisheries.

The company was founded in Northern Norway, where the founder, Joar Opheim, grew up. While in his native country, Joar Opheim noticed that he couldn’t find pure fish oil. Many fish oil supplements contained low concentrations, and they tasted awful. He decided to bring his favorite fish oil with him when he went to the U.S. to earn his MBA. Since then, Nordic Naturals has been making the world’s best fish oil and other essential nutrients.

It produces superior omega-3 fish oils

Nordic Naturals is known for producing superior omega-3 fish oil, a natural supplement that supports overall health and well-being. The company’s products are third-party tested and exceed international standards of purity. They are a great choice for people who want to get the most benefit from their daily intake of omega-3 fats.

Nordic Naturals products use pharmaceutical grade processing, meaning that they’re purified, winterized, and deodorized. This means the product has been analyzed to ensure it has the lowest level of contaminants, is fresh, and contains only high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. The company also evaluates their products using the European Pharmacopoea Standard and the Norwegian Medicinal Standard.

It is non-GMO

Nordic Naturals is an innovative, non-GMO fish oil company. Their products contain 100% cod sourced oil that is free of any GMO or artificial preservatives. This oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote cardiovascular and joint wellness, immune system health, and brain health. The company’s fish oil products are also allergen free and sustainably harvested.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega contains Omega-3 in triglyceride form, which is more easily absorbed by the body. It also comes with an attractive strawberry flavor.

It is sustainably sourced

Nordic Naturals is committed to using sustainable fishing practices when sourcing fish. For example, their cold-water fish are sourced using sustainable industry fishing practices. Nordic Naturals products are also made with natural triglycerides, which make it easier for the body to absorb and use omega-3 fatty acids.

Sustainable practices extend to the company’s facility, which is built with recycled materials. The company’s headquarters in Watsonville, California, was given Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED(r) Rating System, which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability. In addition, the building features flexible lighting controls and water-purification systems.

It is allergen-free

Nordic Naturals is an all-natural food company with products that are both allergen-free and sustainable. Their products are also third-party-verified for purity and freshness. In addition, they are committed to providing safe omega oils for expecting mothers and their families. They also work with the American Pregnancy Association to help mothers and their babies achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Nordic Berries are a great source of vitamins and minerals for children. They are packed with antioxidants and full-spectrum B vitamins, which can be difficult to find in a gummy. In fact, Nordic Berries have been voted the #1 Children’s Vitamin in the U.S. They are available in two great flavors, and taste like cloudberries from Norway. Nordic Berries are the perfect companion to Nordic Naturals’ omega-3 products.

It is third-party verified for freshness and purity

Nordic Naturals uses a third-party testing method to ensure their oils are free from contaminants and pollutants. They have a commitment to provide safe and pure omega oils to expectant moms and their entire family. Their commitment to purity and freshness is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association and their products meet all of the industry’s standards.

The company also measures the anisidine value to ensure the fish oil is pure and fresh. A lower value means less oxidation has occurred. They also test their fish oil for heavy metals and over 210 other environmental contaminants. As a result, Nordic Naturals fish oil has been ranked the best in Norway for its concentration and purity.

It is Friend of the Sea certified

Friend of the Sea certification is a great way to find out whether or not a company cares about the environment. Nordic Naturals sources many of its products from the sea, and chooses to use species that are not overfished. These include Arctic cod, anchovies, and sardines. The company is committed to using only wild-caught fish whenever possible. Its philosophy is that healthy oceans are good for our health.

Nordic Naturals’ fish oil products are available in the form of triglycerides, which the body can easily absorb. They are also non-GMO and third-party tested for purity and meet strict international standards. This means that Nordic Naturals’ fish oils are pure and meet the highest standards for purity. Additionally, the company sources its fish using sustainable fishing methods.