Day: August 25, 2023

Services Offered by a Concrete Contractor in BoiseServices Offered by a Concrete Contractor in Boise

The team at MS Concrete Boise is available 24 hours a day to repair damaged or decaying concrete contractor boise id structures on your property. They have an extensive range of concrete services to help improve the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home or business. From new concrete steps to decorative stamped and colored concrete, the team is well-versed in local regulations and market pricing to ensure their clients receive transparent pricing and professional service. They can also replace your damaged concrete driveway, creating a clean and safe entrance for you and your guests.

Concrete Patios: Outdoor Living in Boise’s Beautiful Backyards

Concrete floors are slabs of cement, water, rock, sand, and gravel that either lie on the ground (poured-in-place concrete floors) or are suspended (over joists or beams). They can be precast or in-situ, with the former being made in a factory before being delivered to the construction site and installed in place. This saves time, energy, and costs. The latter are made on-site, using a mix of cement, water, rock, and sand that is then poured onto the floor.