Amish Candles

amish candles

Amish candles | Amish Baskets are a classic, and Amish candles are a great way to add some classic charm to your home during the holiday season. They also make beautiful gifts for any occasion, including Christmas!

How to Use Candles

In traditional Amish homes, a candle is usually placed in a window as a way to greet guests or let them know that someone is at home. It is a very symbolic gesture and a welcome sign that the family is together.

The Amish are also very environmentally conscious, so candles are often made with vegetable oil instead of petroleum or paraffin wax. It is a much cleaner-burning wax, which does not give off toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, toluene, or acetone when burned.

The Allure of Amish Candles: Discovering the Timeless Craftsmanship and Aromatic Delights

They are also made with soy wax, which is a cleaner-burning wax that is derived from soybeans. Soy wax does not release toxins or carcinogens into the air like other waxes do and produces little black soot.

During the holidays, Amish families put up evergreen branches in their windows instead of real trees. This helps them to maintain their more simplistic lifestyle and still embrace the holiday spirit!

These jar candles are an ideal decorative piece to brighten up any room. They smell of delicious vanilla and spices with a hint of milky butter cream.

How to Purchase Amish Candles

If you’re looking for a unique gift, the Old Candle Barn in Intercourse offers handcrafted candles from the Amish community. The candles are crafted in their candle factory and represent the culture and rich heritage of the Amish.

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