Dallas Hair Extension For Your Wedding

Whether you are looking to add fullness, volume or length for your Dallas wedding, it’s important to choose the right hair extensions for your needs and style. As a Dallas Hair Extension Specialist, I help educate brides on the best hair extension options for their special day.

What are some highly rated hair extensions in Dallas, TX?

The best type of Dallas Hair Extension is one that matches your natural hair density and fullness for a more realistic look. I also recommend that you take into account your hair type to avoid any breakage.

If you have medium to thick hair, then you’ll want to find a hair extension that will match the thickness and quality of your own hair so that you don’t end up with a sexy, but unnatural look. There are many different types of hair extensions, including pre-bonded and clip-in styles, so it’s important to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

You should also make sure that the hair extensions are high-quality, as this will ensure that they don’t break down quickly and cause you any harm. It’s also important to choose the right color that will blend in with your existing hair for a more realistic appearance.

Cost of Dallas Hair Extension

The cost of applying hair extensions varies depending on the method chosen and the amount of hair needed. The application fee is usually higher than for a wig or hair replacement system, and maintenance costs are often much more expensive. For example, in a Dallas salon, adding the attachment, styling, and cut will add around $300 for an 8-inch length and up to $800 for a 24-inch length.

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