How to Attract Finns to Your Website

Finns love to shop concrete floor resin , and a well-crafted, attractive ecommerce website can have a great impact on your SEO efforts. To succeed, you need to understand what the Finnish market looks like and how to tailor your content to it.

The media  in Finland has drastically changed in the last decade. A major shift has occurred from print to digital news sites, and many Finns now read their local and international news online. Turun Sanomat, based in Turku, is one of the most respected regional newspapers with a robust online platform. Their site covers a wide range of events from the region to global happenings. Aamulehti is another popular regional newspaper based in Tampere. It keeps readers updated on both local and national events, and features a variety of opinion pieces.

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In a 2019 survey, 60 percent of Finns reported that they spent the most time on news websites. They also ranked social media and chat websites among their top favorites. Travel and tourism websites were close behind.

A good number of Finns also use a popular website called Swappie. This reputable marketplace allows users to trade lightly used smartphones for fair prices. This business model is especially appealing to a population that pays attention to ecology and sustainability.

If you’re planning on entering the Finnish ecommerce market, it’s essential to understand the culture and language. You’ll want to find out how to target the most relevant customers, and you’ll need to know what type of payment methods are most popular with Finns.

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