7 Hardest Credit Cards to Get

7 Hardest Credit Cards to Get

Creditrewardperks are convenient tools for making purchases, paying bills and building a strong credit score. But some cards are more exclusive than others, with invitations and bigger-than-life perks that come at a premium in terms of annual fees. From the Centurion Card from American Express to Coutts Silk Card and Dubai First Royale Mastercard, the cards on this list are coveted by only a select few with large spending power.

Cracking the Code: The 7 Most Elusive Credit Cards and How to Secure Them

Getting one of these cards isn’t necessarily easy, even for those with good incomes and high credit scores. Applicants may have to pay a hefty sum upfront, and provide a minimum amount of assets or a certain percentage of their total net worth to qualify. Some cards also require you to already be a customer of the issuing bank or its affiliates, and some are even invitation-only.

While many people squabble over who has the best credit card, the most important thing is to choose the right one for you. Whether it’s an invitation-only swank card, a credit card for frequent flyers or a credit card that helps you save money, the key is to focus on its terms – rewards earning rates, fees and APR, in particular. With the right card, you can make smarter purchases and build a stronger financial foundation. This article is a sponsored post from U.S. Bank.

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