What You Need to Know About Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

A caster is a wheel unit attached to an object that allows the object to move, shift or turn. It has a yoke or fork that attaches to the object, and nuts and bolts that hold the caster wheel in place. Learn more https://www.castercity.com

The caster can be made from any number of materials, including rubber and polyurethane, phenolic, steel and even nylons. It is an excellent mobility enabler that can improve both safety and productivity.

Caster Types

There are two types of caster wheels: swivel and rigid. A swivel caster pivots around a kingpin, allowing the wheel to rotate as well as roll. A rigid caster is fixed in a frame or rig and only rolls.

Which type of caster you need depends on the application and surface area. Some applications require casters that can withstand certain temperatures, chemicals or other environmental conditions.

The Advantages of Using Caster Wheels in Your Business

How often will you be using the equipment? If you plan on moving the equipment a lot, consider a soft caster with a smooth surface.

What kind of machinery will be mounted on the casters? Will it need to be corrosion-resistant, able to withstand certain temperature or chemical conditions or have an anti-skid feature?

The casters you select need to be mountable and have the right weight rating. This means you need to determine how much the equipment will weigh, then divide it by the caster’s load rating. Pick casters that use the same mounting type (plate, stem or bolt hole). If you need to replace plate mounts, get new ones that have the same bolt pattern and plate size. If you need to replace a stem mount, purchase new casters with the same stem style.

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