How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Traffic ticket

A Traffic ticket is an official notice issued by a law enforcement officer to an individual for a traffic violation. The court has jurisdiction over these violations and can punish the individual for it by imposing fines, points on their driving record and other consequences. Most states have laws and regulations that govern these traffic infractions, with many being classified as either civil charges or criminal offenses based on the severity of the violation and how it is classified.

When a traffic ticket is contested, the courts typically have a hearing where both the police officer who issued the citation and the driver appear in front of a judge or magistrate to hear their case. A person fighting a traffic ticket can use a variety of evidence to support their case such as witness statements, photos of the area, diagrams, and testimonies from other people who saw the incident occur.

Tips for Dealing with Traffic Tickets: Minimizing the Impact on Your Driving Record

One of the best ways to fight a traffic ticket is to create doubt in the officer’s mind about how she came to her conclusion that you committed a violation. She may be absolutely convinced that she is correct, but if you can place doubt in her mind and show her why she might not be right, the judge might dismiss your ticket.

Other key tactics include challenging the accuracy of the speed equipment used to clock your speed, cross-examining the ticketing officer when necessary and inviting witnesses to testify on your behalf. In addition, if you are willing to go through traffic school or a defensive driving course, this will usually get rid of the fine but not the conviction on your driving record, which will remain in effect for varying amounts of time depending on the state you live in.

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