Tips For Printing Custom Transfer Stickers

Using custom transfer stickers allows you to add a design or wording to any object you want. They’re available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit your needs. They are also great for promoting your business, brand or event. They can be used on a car, window, laptop, water bottle or more.

What are the two types of stickers?

The most important tip for printing stickers is to make sure your printer can handle the size of your sticker order. Different printers have different paper thicknesses and proportions, which can affect how well they print your stickers. To avoid disappointment, check your printer’s specifications and stick to the minimum size for your chosen sticker style.

Another important tip is to use the right colors. Many color values don’t translate as well in CMYK printing as they do on screen, and this can affect the appearance of your finished stickers. Lighter color values, especially pinks and yellows, can look washed out or muddy when printed on CMYK. To prevent this, consider designing your stickers in vector art programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Vector programs use paths and shapes instead of pixels, which makes them easier to enlarge without losing quality.

Once your stickers are printed, you should laminate them to protect them from water and sunlight. You can buy clear laminating sheets or invest in a thermal laminator machine. The process is simple – just lay the sheet over your stickers and press it down firmly. Once the sheet is cooled, you can peel it away.

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