Why Should Websites and Apps Use a Device Fingerprint Tracker?

device fingerprint tracker

A device fingerprint tracker is a way for website and app makers to track and identify devices used to visit their sites or use their apps. The information can then be used to create profiles and deliver targeted advertisements or provide personalized experiences to users.

Typically, the more data points a device fingerprint has, the better it works as a unique identifier. That’s why Stytch uses a variety of different data sources and types to fingerprint devices, including operating system, screen resolution, installed fonts and plugins, time zone, and more. This allows us to ensure that the fingerprints we create are as unique and accurate as possible, making it harder for fraudsters or other bad actors to spoof or steal them.

Device Fingerprint Tracking: Unveiling the Power and Implications of Digital Identity

One of the most important use cases for device fingerprinting is helping to prevent fraud. The uniqueness of a device fingerprint makes it easy to spot red flags, such as attempting to place multiple orders on a site using different devices or IP addresses. This can help stop credit card fraud, unauthorized logins, loyalty program abuse and more.

While many people worry about how their personal information is tracked online, device fingerprinting is actually quite legal, as long as businesses are transparent and clearly communicate the purposes for which they collect data and how it will be used. This is also in line with GDPR, which requires companies to have a legitimate interest in processing data and obtain consent before doing so.

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