Secondary Double Glazing Near Me

secondary double glazing near me

For many homeowners with sash windows it’s not possible to fit new double glazing. This could be because they live in a listed building or are in a conservation area where it’s prohibited or because they simply can’t afford the cost of new windows and doors.

One way to address this is to get secondary double glazing near me. Secondary glazing involves placing a secondary pane of glass or, in some cases, Perspex inside the original window. This adds an extra layer of insulation between the sash windows and reduces the amount of heat that escapes and cold air that can enter the property. It also increases security and reduces noise pollution from the outside world.

Enhancing Comfort: The Importance of Expert Secondary Glazing Installers

There are lots of different systems available ranging from DIY kits to those that need professional installation. There are systems for sliding sash windows, those that swing open and others with frames made from aluminium or wood. Some can be dismounted for the summer and others permanently fitted. It’s important to find a local installer that you can trust and who is an expert in this field. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family or check with Which? Trusted Traders to see which companies have been recommended by other customers. It’s also worth obtaining quotes from both national and local firms to compare prices and see which one can offer the best deal. You should also keep records of any communication with your installer including emails and phone logs in case of complaints later on.

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